Dear Louisville,

My name is Courtney Lamont Phelps and I am running for Mayor. The last six months I have been on a listening tour that is still ongoing today. I have crisscrossed Metro Louisville and I have listened to the concerns, fears, and positive thoughts about our beautiful city. The community has made clear that our city needs change.

Some folks are happy with what they have accomplished in their years of living in Louisville. There are many aspects of Louisville that make it one of the best cities to live in America, and I am proud of that. Many folks have been able to make careers, marriages, families and their dreams possible. However, far too many people are strruggling to make ends meet, and that is why I am running for Mayor.
In spite of all the challenges and difficult days we are facing in terms of education, employment, public safety, sustainability, economic development, rest assured there are better days ahead. I look forward to continuing to listen to the needs, and dreams of those living in Louisville. The next two years will be fun, and I ask for your consideration and your contributions whether in time, talent or treasure to my campaign.

I invite all of you to my official campaign launch on Martin Luther King Jr. Day 2017. I encourage you to get involved, volunteer and make your voices heard. My name is Courtney Lamont Phelps, and I am running for Mayor of Louisville and there are #BetterDaysAhead.

Courtney Lamont Phelps, J.D.

The Candidate

Courtney Lamont Phelps

I will work to find COMMON GROUND which is the essence of the Lincoln Independent Party "LIP". I am grateful for my unique upbringing and humble beginnings that involved adversity but which ultimately created a spirit of resilience. I will utilize what I learned in living in adverse circumstances to impact the decisions I will make as mayor. Growing up in impoverished communities where crime drugs and violence were routine, I learned early on how to survive which involved a certain level of COMMON SENSE.
My upbringing as well as my ministerial roots will allow me to have COMPASSION for the many residents of Jefferson County. As a student at duPont Manual Magnet High School I was able to appreciate the liberal arts aspect, as well as the many talented students from the Youth Performing Arts Schools. The diversity at Manual as well as Howard University and my early passions for Radio Television and Film, have allowed me to engage and explore my inner CREATIVITY

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